Branding: Is It For Me?

Here at Critical Acclaim, Brandon specializes in fine line cautery branding which uses a machine that looks much like a tattoo machine. It is not the "direct from fire" brand that so many of us are familiar with from old cowboy movies. We are not beasts of burden, we are humans with living skin for canvas. Although Brandon has familiarized himself with various forms of branding as well as direct from fire & MOXABUSTION he feels that fine line expresses his art more and tends to be a more compatible tool in his field.

So is branding for you? Well, you must first ask yourself, "What is branding?" Branding in its basic form is the burning of flesh in order to obtain a result. It is very much like a tattoo in the fact that you are ultimately altering the tone of your skin, sometimes even the texture as some people will have a raised, keloid-like scar. Branding can also remove an old tattoo or add negative space to an existing piece. With the fine line cautery various thicknesses can be achieved much like the needle of a tattoo machine.

If we think of the cautery machine tip much like a brush it is simply a tool in which to achieve art. Branding has been around for thousands of years. Some Shamans have even used it for therapeutic & medicinal purposes along with spiritual. A brand takes about two to three weeks to heal initially & upwards of two years to fully heal. What I mean by that is the brand when fresh will appear quite pink. In time this "pinkness" will lighten and turn whitish in color. When a branding occurs the pigmentation is altered and the skin tends to lighten in that area lighter than the rest of the skin, in most cases even brighter than white ink.

Yes there is some discomfort involved, (much like a tattoo). Each person has different nerve mapping and feels different sensations so it truly is hard to gauge "how bad it hurts". Most clients report that it initially hurts less than a tattoo but over the next few days tends to hurt more and more. As Brandon puts it... "How does a cherry taste? You may tell me good, bitter, sweet. But unless I myself have tasted a cherry, how could I conceive an idea on how it tastes? I must experience it myself."

With beauty comes pain, but pain is soon fleeting and with this procedure not permanent. In fact the tip is 2400 degrees farenheit. At this temperature the nerves are damaged and so a lot of clients have reported feeling virtually nothing. (No worries, in time the nerves do grow back). But if pain is the least of your worries & you feel that the ends justifies the means than maybe branding is for you.


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