Brandon Burr

Brandon Burr started his apprenticeship in 1991 and has been tattooing full time since 1996. Mostly a self-taught artist Brandon continues to take art courses and seminars to build up his talents. Learning from such greats as Guy Aitchison, Fakir Mustafa, Mike Devries, Mike Demasi and Nate Beavers just to name a few. ( not to mention the other countless artists that Brandon has tattooed with over the years.) Because of the vast experiences Brandon brings a diverse group of styles to the table. Whether it is black and grey, color, portrait, organic, new skool, traditional or any other form of tattoo art you are looking for, Brandon is always ready to produce what your mind envisions.

Brandon also specializes in fine line cauterization branding which he enjoys infusing with tattooing to give effects that push past certain boundaries of tattooing. Looking for a "white ink" tattoo? Cauterization allows for a multitude of line thicknesses and shapes while removing the actual pigmentation from the skin. "White ink" is actually not ink at all but a carrier of white pigment which is tattooed into the skin and has a tendency to fade and turn yellow. By removing the pigmentation of the flesh you are left with the brightest possible color your skin can hold, the lack thereof.

Brandon also believes that a tattoo is so much more than coloring on someone's skin. "It's a reflection of ones soul. In many instances these designs have deep meaning to the wearer "and I respect that", adds Brandon. "The way I approach each tattoo is ... if that is what I asked for, would I want to wear it? This philosophy drives me to pour my heart into each piece that I do. I try to treat my clientele as though they were my family because I tattoo them in the same chair too. If I wouldn't do it to them I wouldn't do it to you".

Brandon strives to keep not only a sanitary workspace but a comfortable one. A "family friendly" atmosphere as well as sense of community. "This art form goes beyond "looking good", it comes from the heart and it is a lifestyle."

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