Caring For
Your New Tattoo

An awesome tattoo starts with proper healing

There are several ways to take care of a tattoo. "What might be good for the goose isn't always good for the gander", so goes the old saying. This is a generalized aftercare to help you in the care of your new tattoo. The aftercare given here is what I have personally found


Is It For Me?

What you should know before getting your first brand

Here at Critical Acclaim, Brandon specializes in fine line cautery branding which uses a machine that looks much like a tattoo machine. It is not the "direct from fire" brand that so many of us are familiar with from old cowboy movies. We are not beasts of burden, we are humans


Critical Acclaim tattoos

Brandon Burr

Brandon Burr started his apprenticeship in 1991 and has been tattooing full time since 1996. Mostly a self-taught artist Brandon continues to take art courses and seminars to build up his talents. ....

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